Bag Slam Pack


Slinger Ball allows you to easily practice tennis on your own. It allows you to control speed, frequency and the height of the balls using two customizable dials. It is significantly less expensive than traditional commercial ball machines.

With only 15 kg, Slinger Bag is extremely lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it and store it in the boot of your car. On court, Slinger Bag can be set up to start launching balls within a minute.

Slinger Bag also has a space to store and transport up to 144 tennis balls and all your tennis gear - rackets, footwear, clothing and accessories. And it can even charge your phone.

Features & Accessories:
Remote Control
Oscillating Base
Telescopic Ball Tube Pick-up
Phone/Camera Holder
USB Charging Cable
1 Large Gear Compartment
4 Zipped Side Compartments
Rechargeable Battery
3-hour Battery Life
1-Year Warranty

Weight: 15 kg
Speed: 16-72km/h
Battery Life: 3 hrs
Ball Capacity: 144

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Style number: R10050A